Tillandsia Tectorum (snow)


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Tillandsia Tectorum is native to the high mountains of Peru. It’s covered with super fine trichomes or hair that make plan appear like ‘snow’. Peruvians cultivated those plants on roofs of houses, which helped to reflect the sun’s rays.

It’s a very beautiful species with round shape and silver leaves, which are densly covered with hairs what makes the plant look soft.

The flower of this plant is purple.

It comes in two sizes:
Medium ⌀ 8cm
Large ⌀ 12cm

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Care tips



Bright indirect light to some sun is ideal. Increase humidity with increased light to avoid dry out. 

All water must be filtered or purified. Air plants love high humidity so keep them in a bathroom or kitchen or mist them every other day with a spray bottle. They can also be dunked in warm water quickly, then shaken gently to dry, like a simulated rain shower. Let the air plants completely dry before applying more water. Air plants should dry out in 1-3 hours, or they risk rotting. Water should not pool in the center (if applicable). Soaking dry air plants in warm water is possible, but for an hour maximum and must dry in 3 hours as well. (Learn more about water requirements here

High humidity is ideal. Regular misting with a spray-bottle will help raise the humidity. 


18°C-30°C. Not below 15°C. 

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