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Pothos is an extremely easy to grow plant that goes by many names! Its golden version is a very common office plant. This plant is a great air purifier recognised by NASA.

When given a moss stick to climb, the leaves can reach impressive size! The plant can be expected to be between 25-40cm long and comes in a 15cm plastic pot.

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Care tips



Average light would be best for your Pothos plant. Growth will be slow if you choose a very dark spot, this will also create sparse “vines” with leaves quite far apart. Very bright spots will eventually destroy the plant. WATER 

Water your Pothos regularly during the growing seasons and a lot less in Winter. It wont mind being under watered, but over watering needs to be avoided otherwise you risk rot setting in. The soil should never be soggy or wet. 


 If given the choice Pothos enjoys high humidity, however it’s not vital for a healthy plant and will be equally fine in a location with lower humidity levels. Feeding There is no need to feed unless the plant is growing, so a light feed once every few months over Spring and Summer using a general all purpose fertiliser. 


No lower than 10°C in Winter and ideally between 18°C – 24°C in the other seasons. Repotting You only need to repot your Pothos when the roots are are so congested the plant starts to suffer. The most obvious sign of this is when the leaves are drooping despite being well watered or the plant isn’t growing any more.


 Propagating Pothos is really easy. Cut off the tips to create cuttings and either put them in water until they grow roots, or push the cuttings directly into pots of moist compost. They root easily so you should have a good success rate.

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