Monstera Deliciosa (Fruit Salad)


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A true houseplant classic- the iconic Monstera Deliciosa also commonly known as fruit salad or swiss cheese plant. The split leaves are so beautiful that they’ve been extensively used in art and design.


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Monstera Deliciosa, commonly known as fruit salad or swiss cheese plant is probably one of the most famous and common houseplants. Native to tropical forests of south Mexico, its been introduced to many tropical areas around the world and in some its even considered mildly invasive. Monstera Deliciosa’s name comes from the fruit that it produces, which is said to taste a bit like just about every delicious fruit that exists. The fruit of Monstera Deliciosa needs long time to ripen and is highly toxic if consumed too early. Read more about it here.

Monstera Deliciosa features large, heart-shaped leaves. As the plant matures, the leaves get splits and eventually holes. It’s a perfect plant for anyone looking to add some bold foliage into their room. It’s an avid grower and you’ll find yourself trimming it regularly or else it will take over your apartment 🙂

Monstera loves to climb and if you’ll let her, she will produce more mature foliage quicker. Good tip: if your plant’s aerial roots are all over the place, you can either trim them or bury them in the soil with the plant. There is no evidence that trimming of the Monstera Deliciosa’s aerial roots could damage the plant.

The plant is about 60cm and it comes in a plastic nursery pot size 15cm.

Care tips:

Light: bright, indirect light

Water: only when the top 3cm of the soil are dry to touch

Soil: well draining potting mix like our aroid mix.

Monstera Deliciosa is a great plant for beginners, as well as Monstera Peru or Monstera Adansonii.




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