Homalomena Rubescens (Maggie)


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Homalomena rubescens is an increasingly popular houseplant due to its ease of care, disease resistance and tolerance to low light conditions and stress. It’s a genus of flowering plants from the family Aracea, just like our beloved Monstera or Philodendron.


This plant comes in a pot 12cm size and is about 45cm tall.

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Care tips



 Homalomena houseplants do well in medium to low light exposures but truly thrive in medium light conditions. An over abundance of sun can scorch the foliage, causing burnt spots on the leaves.


Re-pot only when it has become root-bound in its existing container. Smaller pots help prevent over-watering. Plant a homalomena in a well-aerated houseplant soil that drains quickly.


Water well and and keep the soil moist, not soggy wet. Dry soil will turn the foliage yellow and spartan. Low humidity will cause browning along the leaf edges. Don’t let homalomena to dry out.


Toxic to animals and humans when ingested.

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