Ceropegia linearis ‘String of needles’


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Ceropegia linearis is a semi-succulent native to South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe that produces a cluster of slender stems. It is an evergreen succulent trailing vine that grows to 10 centimetres in height and spreads to reach up to 2–4 metres in length.

Ceropegia is a really easy plant to care for!

This plant is in 10cm size pot and is about 25cm long..

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Care tips


Ceropegia woodii needs at least three or four hours of direct sunlight every day. Too little light impairs leaf colouration and extends the gaps between the pair of leaves.

In the active growth period water sparingly, just enough to make the potting mixture barely moist, allowing the top two-thirds of the potting mixture to dry out between waterings. During winter, water very sparingly , just enough water to prevent the potting mixture from drying out completely.

Use an equal-parts combination of soil-based potting mixture and coarse sand. Be sure to have a shallow layer of clay pot fragments in the bottom of pots for quick drainage. Move small plants into pots one size larger in spring; older plants will continue to thrive in 8cm or 10cm pots or half pots for several years.

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