Calathea Beauty Star


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Calathea Beauty Star is a real stunner! It has an attractive pin stripe patterned leaves with purple underside. It’s a relatively easy houseplant that will add some interest to your collection!

This plant is approx. 40cm tall and comes in a 12cm diameter nursery pot.

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Care tips



Low to medium indirect light.


Water once weekly. Allow soil to half-dry out before watering. Soil surface should be dry to the touch. Soil should be almost dry about 2″ down.


Normal room humidity. If edges burn or crisp, raise the humidity.


18°C-30°C. It’s best not to let it go below 15°C.

Delivery Time.

Germany 1-3 days

For all other countries delivery time can range from 3-10 days.

At the moment we are processing the orders on Mondays only – so if you order from us on a Wednesday it won’t be processed until the following Monday.

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