Blattwerk fertilizer


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BLATTWERK PURE – grass-based vegan protein hydrolyzate

Our basic product combines all the strengths of a complete biological fertilizer – more growth, improved soil life, biological all-round protection and increased nitrogen utilization. BLATTWERK PURE is unique and forms the basis for healthy, sustainable and efficient agriculture. BLATTWERK PURE is produced by default with a dry matter content (TS) of 30%.

Organic fertilizers ensure a naturally healthy soil and vital plants. Although nitrogen is the main nutrient, the plant needs nitrogen primarily for growth, which may occur in the meristem (also known as tissue of formation, a tissue type of plant consisting of undifferentiated cells and involved in growth through cell division) of the shoot. but also takes place in the root tips. The advantages of an organic fertilizer such as BLATTWERK PURE are to be found in its holistic nature.

BLATTWERK PURE contains not only ammonium nitrogen but also organically bound nitrogen – thus it also has a soil-improving effect. The organic substance leads to the accumulation of humus in the soil after many years of use and increases the potential of nitrogen replenishment. Important in organic fertilizers is the rapid implementation in the soil
and the uptake by the plants. This requires the preservation and promotion of soil life, as microorganisms make plant-linked substances available.
The sugars in BLATTWERK PURE promote the soil life and thus the better availability of nutrients (eg phosphorus) for the plants.


Delivery Time

Germany 1-3 days

For all other countries delivery time can range from 3-10 days.

At the moment we are processing the orders on Mondays only – so if you order from us on a Wednesday it won’t be processed until the following Monday.