Begonia Albopicta Tamaya


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Begonia Albopicta ‘Tamaya’ is an exquisite ornamental rare plant! It’s a robust and easy going plant that blooms several times a year. It produces pale pink to carmine flowers depending on the environment.


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Begonia Albopicta ‘Tamaya’  is a small shrub-like plant with speckled leaves, tree-like trunk and beautiful flowers that hang from below when in bloom. Begonia Tamaya looks incredible, like a miniature tree. This growing style is called “Standard Form” and it can be applied to any other (suitable) Begonia hybrid.

Begonia Albopicta is native to Brasil and does not like cold weather. It will grow best in bright spot with the soil constantly moist but not soggy wet. Water with lukewarm water only. Tamaya hates drying out!

Begonia Albopicta ‘Tamaya’ is considered fairly hardy and easy to grow. It can reach up to one meter tall and it might need support like a golden plant stake.

Size: this plant comes in 9cm plastic nursery pot and is about 40 cm tall.

Care Tips:

Light: bright indirect light

Water: lukewarm , keep moist

Soil: peat moss based potting mix

Humidity: above average

Pair Begonia Albopicta ‘Tamaya’ with a self- watering pot like this terrazzo or mable planter.

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